Quick Butt and Ab Workout

Aloha and Welcome to Workout Wednesday’s. For those that don't know me already I am a Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor and the Author of Finding Your Piece: 32 Principles to Help You Live Your Calling. The updated and NEW VERSION is coming this Fall 2014. Every Wednesday I will be here @ JC.com to either offer up a GEM of WISDOM or a QUICK WORKOUT. Let's get right to it. This video has been created after several request for a butt toning video. By fan request here is my careful...

3 Steps to Bluffing the Universe

Tell me something that you actually know without a doubt?  For example, you know that you love your dog.  You know you are the type of person who would help a friend immediately if they ran out of gas or you know you are increadible at saving money, "It just what you do!"  Today you are going to pick a desire that you are kind of uncomfotable with and..... #1 Speak It Outloud For example, a new job that pays well comes to me easily and quickly...

Dealt a bad hand?

Do you ever feel like you have been dealt a bad hand of cards? It is not fair what I have to deal with, sound familiar? Looking at others’ situations and thinking "gee, they have it easy." Let’s be honest as we all do it from time to time. We are human. It is absolutely okay to notice those thoughts and maybe even go to that place for just a bit. Then gently draw yourself back to the truth and remember your life is the best place to be. Honor your current situat...

Spring Cleaning For the Soul

“The soul has a built in GPS system, it knows where to go when we listen.” Quite time to hear our soul just feels like a warm glow that spirals at the center of my heart.  Personally, being quiet and hearing my soul has been a work in progress.  A construction sign is posted in front of my soul that says “Spring Cleaning is in the air.”  I believe with all my heart and that if we allow our souls to softly continue to change, we will live...

Bocce Ball Victory Salad

chicken grape salad
Bocce Ball Victory Salad I'd like to take credit for making this salad but I can't.  What I can do is take credit for the fact that I "smashed" my boyfriend in a game of beach bocce ball.  As the winner (by a large margin) this salad was made and served to me.  It is a perfect example of a healthy, quick and delicious meal that obviously, anyone can make!  I was a bit concerned when he told me he tried to make something nice out...

4 Hot Hula Moves Video

hula pic
  This video was a request from Hot Hula ladies at the Westin KOR.  They wanted to take these moves home with them, so here they are!  The second video is a BONUS legs and abs workout with a special BUG surprise.  You will have to watch to see it!